An idyllic circular walk from Badby, taking in picturesque Northamptonshire villages and classic rolling English countryside.  Around seven miles.

Follow the footpath sign for the Nene Way opposite the Maltsters Country Inn pub at the bottom end of Badby village. 

The Nene Way is over 100 miles long and takes walkers from Northampton to Peterborough and beyond. 

Our route follows the Nene Way for a few miles, the signposting is good, so it’s hard to lose your way.

The path leads westwards out of Badby towards its neighbouring village of Newnham. 

After leaving Badby the path soon opens up. The views of gentle rolling countryside stretch out before you, to your left. To your right you are accompanied by the River Nene itself which, at this point, seems little more than a brook.

Badby to Newnam
walking towards Newnham

The path stays straight and true as it crosses several fields before joining a quiet road. This signals that you are about to enter pretty and idyllic village of Newnham.  

Keep to the same road and don’t be tempted to take one of the forked turnings that you pass.

As you pass through the village the road bends to the left. There you see St Michael’s and All Saints Church.

Just before the church take the path (again, signposted the Nene Way) down the side of the church yard. 

The pretty pathway dips and then rises. You think you’ve left Newnham, but then you realise you haven’t as the path leads to another quiet road. Turn right here at the well, and follow the road downhill.

At the fork in the road turn left. Almost immediately, you’ll see a signpost for the Nene Way on your left. Follow this path.

You are crossing open fields. Almost in every direction you have wonderful open views. It’s hard to believe that the busy town of Daventry is only a couple of miles away as all you can see are a patchwork of fields. 

Badby circular walk
open countryside views
Badby circular walk

The footpath crosses back over the River Nene and heads over several large fields in a steady direction towards the village of Everdon.

But before Everdon, comes Little Everdon, a small hamlet dominated by the impressive looking country house Everdon Hall. 

The path takes you in front of the Hall through splendid open English parkland.

Badby circular walk
towards Little Everdon

Just after Little Everdon you depart the Nene Way (which turns left). Instead you stick to the road and head for Everdon village itself. 

If you thought Newnham was picturesque. You’ll love Everdon and the Church of St Mary. 

The road bends right at the church, follow the road through the village. Stay left when the road forks.

Just after the village the road begins to climb.  Soon you’ll see a footpath in front of you.

Badby circular walk
leave the road, and follow the footpath sign

Once again you are crossing open fields. 

The terrain levels off and the views open up. They really are magnificent. It seems you can see for miles with the sight of gentle rolling hills easing your eyes.

Badby circular walk

Stay on the path don’t take the right fork.  Eventually, you realise that you are descending.

You pass a farm on your right (Westcombe Farm) and then cross a road.

The path now climbs before once again opening up as you reach the top of the incline. 

You can now see a small lake infront of you and another church (this time it’s the Church of St Mary the Virgin) which stands in insolation. It’s grounds offer a wonderful atmospheric view of the lake and surrounding countryside.

Follow the road and you’ll soon come to Fawsley Hall, a delightful looking (and classy) looking hotel and spa.

Badby circular walk
Fawsley Hall

We took a break here and enjoyed tea and biscuits in the hotel’s courtyard.

From the hotel we carried along the road, as if heading for Fawsley village. 

Just after you pass another smaller lake on your right, you take a path on the same side of the road.

You follow the footpath up the hill and past an ancient avenue of oak trees and across park land. 

As you approach the top of the hill the pathway bends to the left as it edges along the side of Badby Woods.


The path splits again. Take the left hand option which leaves the woods. 

At this point you can see St Mary’s Church in Badby so you know your walk is coming to an end. 

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A circular walk from Badby, Northamptonshire
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