A varied, picturesque, rural four mile circular Warwickshire walk near Rugby, Warwickshire that criss-crosses the River Avon and takes in the Oxford Canal.

Park up at the car park of the Barlow Mow pub. There’s usually plenty of room. 

It’s tempting to walk past the pub and explore the canal. Resist, as you need to head in the opposite direction, back towards the road you came in on.

Cross over the road and head towards St Botolph’s Church. Walk along the path that skirts the right-hand side of the church and you’ll see a pretty churchyard. 

Warwickshire walks -Newbold
St Botolph’s Church

Rather than wandering among the gravestones keep to the footpath which leads over a stile and through a field with a glorious avenue of oak trees. The trees are mature and must have been planted 150 years-or-so ago.  A couple of trees are missing and you can’t help but wonder when they died.

Warwickshire walk -Newbold
avenue of oak trees

At the end of this avenue of trees you continue along the footpath which takes you under the main railway line linking Rugby to Coventry.

You walk under the railway line and into an open field that gently slopes downwards to a footbridge crossing the River Avon.

Warwickshire walk -Newbold
looking towards the footbridge over the River Avon and Long Lawford,
Warwickshire walk -Newbold
looking back over the footbridge towards Newbold

The path keeps you walking towards the village of Long Lawford.

Warwickshire walk -Long Lawford
approaching Long Lawford through open fields

The path into Long Lawford squeezes between a row of houses.

When the path emerges onto the road, bear right.  Follow the pavement for a couple of hundred yards and then the pathway out of the village is signposted to the right.

You then cross a couple of fields before linking up with a bridle path.

Warwickshire walk -Long Lawford
open fields Long Lawford

We walked in Spring and there were lambs in these fields.

Warwickshire walk -Long Lawford
bridle path between long and Little Laword

The path splits and take the right-hand option. This leads to another footbridge which takes you back over the River Avon again.

Warwickshire walk -Little Lawford
open countryside views near the bridge at Little Lawford

Immediately after the footbridge take the left-hand path that leads onto Little Lawford Lane and the pretty hamlet of Little Lawford. 

Turn left down Little Lawford Lane and then, after only a hundred yards-or-so follow the road that turns right.

The road is straight for half a mile or so. 

The road then crosses over the railway line. Shortly after, take the right hand track that heads through a wooded area.

Following this track you soon pass a marina and then following the sign at bridge 42 duck down onto the Oxford Canal.

Warwickshire walk
oxfod canal bridge
footpath on the canal (bridge 42)

Turn right along the canal towards Newbold (the canal will be on your lefthand side…if it’s not you are heading in the wrong direction!).

Warwickshire walk -Oxford canal
Oxford Canal path
Warwickshire walk -Oxford canal
approaching the Newbold Tunnel

You soon reach the 250 metre Newbold Tunnel which was originally built in 1834.  Walking through is a damp and dark experience. It’s also slightly eerie and you can’t help but feel relieved when you reach the other side.

Barley Mow pub

You are now back at Newbold where refreshments at the Barley Mow and your car awaits. 

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