Seeing starlings murmurate in the sky is truly one of the wonders of the natural world.

During the winter months different flocks of starlings gather together in the sky. The murmuration is when they fly, as if in synchronisation, swirling and swooping, forming shapes and patterns in the sky whilst they look for somewhere to roost.

It’s staggering and breath-taking to see. Sometimes tens of thousands of starlings join together in this daily ritual which takes place just as the light fades at the end of the day.

Brandon Marsh, near Coventry is a great place to see this spectacular natural phenomenon, as the starlings like to roost and rest in this nature reserve’s reed beds.

You’ll be able to see the murmuration every night during the winter months. However, exactly where the starlings will settle changes, so you may need a little luck and bit of patience to see the murmuration up close.

When we visited Brandon Marsh in late December just before Christmas we were lucky. The event happened right in front and above us.

It was the best Christmas present we received.

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A spectacular winter starling murmuration at Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve in Warwickshire