At Climb it Range we love the outdoors and celebrate everyone and anyone who enjoys getting out there, and discovering the beauty, simplicity and sheer fun of climbing hills and mountains. We are not political creatures – we embrace everyone who shares our passion for the hills.

Just occasionally though, we have to salute those who use their mountaineering skills for the wider good.

Greenpeace’s recent ascent of The Shard, Europe’s highest sky scraper was just that.  It was breathtaking in its audacity as well as a feat of strength, endurance and technical climbing ability.

The all women team gained access to The Shard by climbing on top of London Bridge station. It then took 16 hours to climb 86 storeys (and 310 metres) to the top of this iconic building, before unfurling a blue flag with “Save the Arctic” on it – a protest against Shell’s drilling for oil in the pristine Arctic wilderness.

Breathtaking it was too.

It was remarkable stunt and an incredible climb, using mountain skills to draw the world’s attention to oil drilling and the destruction of the Artic wilderness.

A job well done.

Protest at altitude