With the Great British weather being what it is, we really need to think about what to wear in the mountains. Up in the hills the weather is even more unpredictable than it is at ground level. Even a wonderfully promising start can become very cold, wet and foggy as you climb towards the tops.

As you ascend you tend to get pretty warm from the exertion. But you can quickly become desperately cold when not moving at higher elevations – especially if you are not wearing the right gear.

The key is making sure you are wearing the right fabrics.

Your base layer needs to be made of a material which wicks moisture without causing heat loss- polyester tops are good here.   Avoid cotton. You’d soon be miserable, cold, and clammy in jeans, T shirts, and sweatshirts. Wool, silk and polyester are great. Wool keeps you warm even when wet. Fleeces and thermals are perfect as they are warm and lightweight. It is also a great advantage to have a good breathable waterproof  jacket to protect you from the wind and rain. And of course good boots and thick socks are a must if you plan to get out and about reasonably often. You will also need a good hat and gloves  even  in the summer!

Get your mitts on some of these…


glove 2

These  thick warm woollen mittens are made oversize and then boiled to give them a felted effect which is water and wind resistant.

What to wear in the mountains……