Who needs mint cake on the mountains when you can take along your own lovely homemade fudge?


We’re about to make a batch of this divine brazil nut  fudge recipe. It is taken  from Organic by Sophie Grigson  and is a firm favourite with family and friends at this time of year. It also makes ideal emergency supplies – a great alternative to mint cake.


18oz  (500 g)  granulated sugar

7 fl oz  (200ml) double cream

2 oz  (60 g) unsalted butter

a pinch salt

4 oz (110 g)  brazil nuts

1 tsp vanilla extract.

Heat the  cream, butter and salt very slowly in a pan until dissolved. Gently boil until a drop of the liquid forms a ‘stcky ball’ in a glass of cold water. Be patient! This can take some time. Once you get to this stage turn off the heat and add the brazil nuts and vanilla and beat until the mixture thickens and starts to crystalise. Transfer to a buttered tin and leave to cool before dividing into squares and gift wrapping.


We love handmade presents. Here we have recycled old outdoor magazines as Christmas wrap.


climbitrange giftclimbitrange wrapclimbitrange wrapping





Christmas fudge recipe